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Why My Slow Cooker Is Better Than Yours

See, we don’t have slow cookers in Russia. At least, they are not at all popular. But we have some other thing that may be even better.

Multivarka (multi cooker). Recently it became quite trendy here in Russia.

“Multivarka” means it has many cooking options – and that’s true. Besides cooking meals like soups, porridges, stews and pilafs AHEAD (and that’s often the biggest reason to buy it), it can be used for steaming, baking, preparing yogurt and so on. It depends of level and price.

Mine looks like this:


It has quite a lot of options, so it’s not the simplest one. And not the cheapest, although there are some more expensive ones for sure. It cost me around 5000 Rubles (155$) and I even got an extra cooking bowl free.

I chose this one because it has following options:

–          slow cooking (the machine even allows you to set temperature and time yourself in quite a wide range) – for stews, lean meat etc.

–          yogurt (6 little boxes included) – for homemade yogurt, obviously

–          steamer

–          milk porridges

–          delayed start – if you want a dish to be ready to a certain time

So, this baby has all these options and little more.

So far I’m really happy with it and I haven’t even tried everything yet! Yogurt is good, thick and only mildly sour, just as I like.


Every morning hot porridge is ready – and I kinda fall in love with these creamy porridges again (from oats, rice and barley right now). Rice or buckwheat are also really good and require little time – just throw in your cereal, water and salt, set time and press start. I even tried special tvorog bake there to test baking function and it came out nice and tasty.

I just wonder why people in Europe and USA are all about slow cookers/crockpots when multi cookers may even have more benefits and options. Instead, people may buy stemers, rice cookers, yogurt makers etc. to complement their slow cookers. None seems to know about it. Even translation is a problem. As I tried to translate “multivarka” I came with different options such as rice cooker, slow cooker, multi cooker or steamer. None of them is a correct translation I believe since they only reflect certain cooking function, but not the whole thing.

I found it to be a great helper in the kitchen, even if I mostly cook for one. In my future recieps I’ll also tell you how can you possibly cook that stuff in slow cooker/multi cooker.


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