Food in Russia: what's hot in a cold country



(That’s how we greet each other in Russia, and I’m gonna great you like that too.)

My name is Alyona and I live in Saint-Petersburg. No, Saint-Petersburg is not the capital of Russia, Moscow is.

Since none of my friends and family members shares my keen interest in food and cooking, I decided to blog about it. And may be about some other things about Russia I find interesting.

I think that cooking, national products and other food traditions can tell a lot about culture in general. I know many people all other the world are interested in Russian culture and lifestyle, yet they know very little about it and (probably) have some delusions. So this blog is my way to tell you about culture I grown up.

How can you use this information?

First, you may be able to cook Russian-style at home. I’ll try to share recipes without exotic ingredients or at least suggest a substitution.

Second, if you ever come to Russia (and many tourists visit Moscow or Saint-Petersburg), you would know what to eat, be it a supermarket or cafe.

Also, I would blog about other cuisine – Scandinavian – and my attempt to cook its dishes.

In fact, I am a big fan of Scandinavia and Nordic culture. I can’t explain this rationally (the more so because I haven’t been there except in Finland). So I just think I may have a Scandi among my anchestors.

I was very surprised we haven’t any places in St-Pete where you can eat Finnish/Swedish/Dannish/Norwegian. Yes, we have Ikea Cafe and Stockman Bistro, but that doesn’t count. So I want to explore Scandinavian cuisine too. I start with Finnish recipes since it’s so close and many food are even available here in Russia. In fact, so far I discovered that many Finnish dishes have some Russian twins, and vice versa.

Thanks for reading this and please feel at home here! If you want to ask something, drop a comment or just say hi, please do. I’m looking forward to any feedback.

Cheers from Russia,


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